Mercedes AVTR: Price, Speed, Specifications, and Everything You Need to Know More About This Supercar

German cars are globally renowned for their superior technology and comfort. By popularity, Mercedes is the number one brand among vehicles worldwide. Mercedes symbolizes class, state-of-the-art technology, and luxury-level comfort, and the Mercedes AVTR is a new feather in its cap.

Mercedes AVTR is a flagship car inspired by the Avatar revolution. The idea of building AVTR is to make the Mercedes brand the best car in the world. In addition, the Mercedes AVTR was created to take technology to a new level of advanced vehicle transformation. This new concept in vehicle design embodies future research technology with a new vision of car designs.

Mercedes AVTR Interiors

The interiors honestly give you an exceptional class experience never seen before. The car embodies two display units on either side of the dashboard. Each seat has its entertainment system with digital screens on both sides of the headrest. The seats can rotate at 360 degrees so passengers can face each other when sitting in the pods.

With the latest upgrade, Mercedes has stretched the AVTR into a unique exterior frame. The larger areas, like the back shell of the seat, are ornamented with color-changing material that projects the aqueous world. The color changes from light blue depending on the light. The seats are crafted from vegan leather called ‘Dinamica, which is sustainable, sturdy, and eco-friendly.’

The material used is recycled waste plastic and old clothing. The focus is kept on low pollutants during its exterior manufacturing process. The material is soft to give its passengers a unique feel. In addition, it guarantees passengers a slip-resistant seat.

Mercedes AVTR Exteriors

The Mercedes AVTR has been carefully crafted using the pathbreaking technology of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. The need for rear-view mirrors is eliminated by the two cameras facing outside. The cameras provide real-time images behind the car and on the side panels.

Mercedes AVTR has a unique technology that merges the car with its surroundings. The technology allows the vehicle to interact with the environment and blend with it. The car also includes safety features like an advanced braking system, traction control, anti-skidding, and stability control. In addition, it has a unique part of the front and back wheel operation in reverse direction or alternately. It gives a crab motion or a reptile-like movement and appearance.

Mercedes AVTR Engine

The Mercedes AVTR is powered by a new benchmark technology of EQ power coupled with an engine power of 350kw. The fully variable torque distribution with AI distributes power into four individual motors. Each wheel can be powered separately according to the situation and requirement.

The engine is designed keeping in mind the innovation in electronic vehicles. It is achieved by incorporating a high-voltage battery to power the motor. The battery system is unique and eco-friendly and made from bionic material. It uses organic cells made from graphene instead of regular toxic material. Recharge is complete in 15 minutes and gives an excellent mileage of 430 miles.

The Speed

If the road conditions are suitable, Mercedes AVTR can reach the top speed of 223 mph. It can get to a speed of 80mph from 0 in just three seconds. The car is activated by voice command, and AI can drive it independently.

Every wheel has a separate drive motor that gives the car its speed and stability. The vehicle is also fitted with radar to detect objects in front along with the lane markings. It is an AI power self-drive feature with additional safety.

Mercedes AVTR Price

Mercedes AVTR is only a prototype and is not currently for sale. It is a self-driven electric-powered car, and the cost will vary from country to country. You get a special discount if you are already owning a Mercedes car.

The car is expected to cost around US $ 160,000 in the USA; in the UK, it is expected to cost around £ 175,000. Currently, the launch date of Mercedes AVTR is not announced.

Intuitive Control

With the efficient use of Virtual reality and Artificial intelligence, Mercedes AVTR responds to passengers visualizing the environment in its control area. The initial interaction happens with the passenger with the help of its control unit. The car identifies its driver via his breathing flow. Identification is made by placing the hand and reading the biometrics.

A curved display unit establishes a visual connection between the vehicle and the passengers. The environment around is displayed and recognized with the help of a 3-D real-time graphical display. Mercedes AVTR is an excellent example of technology used to interact with the environment and blend with it.

Mercedes AVTR Specifications

Fuel TypeElectric
Battery110 KWHGraphene-based technology
Power469 hp
Transmission TypeAutomatic
sensorsAI and VR
Seating Capacity4
Car BodyInteractive with environment
Estimated Range435 miles
InteriorVegan Dinamica
Max Speed223 mph
PriceNot yet released
Mercedes AVTR Specifications

The Verdict

Mercedes AVTR is a powerful beast with elegance, luxury, and style. It is on top of the luxury chart, and only a few will be able to afford it once released due to its high cost. The complete package of Mercedes AVTR has raised bars for most of its competitors. Undoubtedly, the Mercedes AVTR is one of the best cars in features, comfort, technology, and driving experience.