Mercedes S580
Mercedes S580

S580 Mercedes: Price, Speed, Specifications, And Everything You Need To Know More About This Supercar

Mercedes symbolizes superior driving experience, state-of-the-art technology, and luxury-level comfort. By popularity, Mercedes is the number one brand among luxury cars worldwide. If you want to get the best driving experience, drive German cars.

S580 Mercedes is a flagship sedan launched by Mercedes. The idea of building the S-580 is to make the Mercedes brand the best car in the world. S class has logic, comfort, and speed to match the criterion. The car is more spacious, with a powerful V8 engine and cutting-edge technology. In addition, it is incredible in design, speed, and comfort.

The car is worth it in every sense.

S580 Mercedes Exterior Upgrades

With the latest upgrade, Mercedes has stretched the S class 580 with a unique interior and exterior look. A small quarter glass is added behind the rear door, and the B-pillars are chrome-finished. One may not notice the difference unless he gets into the driving seat. The sedan is 180mm more prolonged, and the tape stretches to almost 5469mm.

Mercedes S580 Exterior Upgrades
Mercedes S580 Exterior Upgrades

A 19-inch alloy wheel in a monobloc design improves the driving experience. The rear body has a primary chrome finish around the exhaust and the badging. The emblem is still on the boot and bonnet, but the C-pillar has the Maybach logo.

S580 Mercedes Interiors 

The interiors honestly give you a business-class experience. It has a chauffeur package, making the front passenger seat foldable for increased leg space. The seats are reclinable at an angle of 45 degrees, and powered window blinds give you complete privacy. There is ample space even for people above six feet without compromising security.

Mercedes S580 Interiors 
Mercedes S580 Interiors 

Mercedes S580 is a five-seater car, but the rear middle seat is more adaptable as an armrest. The seats are of superior quality, arguably the best in its class. The seat is made from soft Nappa leather with luxurious cushioning and an adjustable headrest. In addition, the seats have massage, heating, and cooling functions. Once the door is closed, the armrest can be extended for added comfort.

Burmaster speakers within the interiors and roof give a unique technical experience. The cabin can be made into a choice of colors with an ambient light package, including a dynamic light strip. You can adjust the colors with a variation of colors. The boot is long and shallow with a housed compartment for the spare tire.

Here is a video exhibiting the interiors of the Mercedes S580 by Mr.Benz.

S580 Mercedes Engine

A twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine powers the S580. The engine emulates 503 hp with a 700nm V8 that can whisk this 2.3-ton beast within seconds. It includes an all-wheel drive system that takes the machine from 0 to 100 kmph in just five secs. The nine-speed auto gear assembly makes its auto shifts smooth with an unforgettable driving experience.

S580 Engine

Overtaking becomes easy with incredible power and better control over its rivals. It gives you three drive modes of Maybach comfort and sports. Those unfamiliar with Maybach can take the drive mode as a comfort plus.

Mercedes S580 Speed

If the road conditions are suitable, the Mercedes S580 can reach a top speed of 155mph or 250 kmph. However, its top speed has been limited to 130mph for safety reasons. The engine is powered by a V8 engine with EQ boost, giving the machine an extra 21 HP and 184lb torque. The nine auto gears provide adjustable speed for high performance.

Mercedes S580 Price 

The Mercedes S580 costs between  $117,435 to $171,475.

Difference Between Mercedes S580 and Mercedes S500

Mercedes S580 and S500 are equipped with the usual automatic four-wheel drive. Both models have an exclusive powertrain and a 48 V hybrid system. The significant difference is in the engine. The S500 is fitted with a 3.0-liter engine with a 429-hp turbocharger. At the same time, the S580 has a 4.0-liter engine with 496 hp. In addition, there are upgrades on the software, comfort, and interiors.

Mercedes S580 Color Variants

The Mercedes S580 is available in 17 different color variants. All are solid metallic select colors to give you the best executive class. The available options are as under: –

  • Emerald Green
  • Nautic Blue
  • Mojave Silver
  • Emerald Green
  • Rubellite Red Designer Kalahari Gold Metallic
  • Designer Cashmere White Magna
  • Obsidian Black High Tech Silver
  • High Tech Silver Selenite Grey
  • Onyx Black Besigno Kalahari Gold Metallic
  • Nautic Blue High Tech Silver
  • Obsidian Black with Rubellite Red
  • Designo Selenite Grey Magno
  • Designo Patagonia Red Bright
  • Onyx Black
  • Obsidian Black Selenite Grey
  • Designo Diamond White Bright
  • Designo Kalahari Gold Metallic

Mercedes S580 Specifications

Fuel TypePetrol
No. of Cylinders8
Max Torque700nm@2000-4500rpm
Transmission TypeAutomatic
Engine Displacement3982cc
Seating Capacity5
Car BodySedan
Gear Box9 Speed Automatic
Drive TypeAWD
Max Speed250kmph/155 Mph
Price$117,435 to $171,475

The Verdict

The Mercedes S-580 is a powerful beast with elegance, luxury, and style. It is on top of the luxury chart, and only a few can afford to own it due to its high cost. The complete package of this Maybach S-580 S class has raised bars to form most of its competitors. Undoubtedly, the Mercedes S-580 is one of the best cars in features, comfort, and driving experience.