2023 Honda Pilot
2023 Honda Pilot

Configuration For 2023 Honda Pilot

A Honda Pilot is the midsize SUV that is excellent for families. It received several updates for 2023, and now it has a new, unique edition model. Before its anticipated release, you may look up the Honda Pilot’s pricing, specs, mileage, peak speed, and photographs.

The Honda Pilot is available in 7 trims, and for 2023, a brand-new special edition trim will be added. There is just one gearbox and one powertrain available.

It has a 9-speed automated transmission and a 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 engine. The Hyundai Telluride & Toyota Highlander are some competitors of the Pilot in this market.

Pricing of Honda Pilot 2023

The base model of the Pilot would cost around Rs 24 lakhs in straight translation, while the top-end trim would cost almost Rs 37 lakhs. However, the Honda Pilot’s accurate pricing would change as it is expected to be imported in the form of CKD and SKD units.

Higher taxes apply to vehicles brought in as SKD or CKD units. As a result, the Pilot would cost more on the market. The primary grade of the Honda Pilot is anticipated to cost approximately Rs 32 Lakhs. The most expensive trims would cost roughly Rs 46 Lakhs.

Configuration of 2023 Honda pilot

You may select from an overall of five distinct tiers for the 2023 Honda Pilot. Fortunately, each Honda Pilot trim level, whether you choose the Honda Pilot or the Honda Pilot EX-L, is intended to assist you in improving your journeys to and from Eastlake.

There are many reasons to love the 2023 model year Honda Pilot when traveling across Ohio, from the cutting-edge safety features to the outstanding performance capabilities.

Honda Pilot 2023 Interior

Following are details about each 2023 Honda Pilot trim level’s features and costs:

Honda Pilot Sport 2023

  • V6 engine, 3.5L
  • 285 horsepower/262 lb.-ft of torque
  • Daytime running lights with LEDs
  • Engine starting remotely
  • Auto-up/down windows that softly close
  • Automated temperature control with three zones

2023 Honda’s Pilot EX-L: Power tailboard that is programmable

  • Front and rear parking sensors, low-speed braking control
  • Front windscreen glass that is acoustically laminated
  • Automatic temperature control with three zones and controls on the second row
  • HomeLink® wireless remote

2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport: Power panoramic moonroof with a single-touch

  • Multi-View Cameras System (MVCS) equipped seats made of durable synthetic leather with orange stitching
  • Embedded Class III trailers hitch TrailWatchTM.
  • Body skid plates

2023 Honda’s Pilot Touring: Programmable motorized tailboard with hands-free access and walk-away closure

  • Dual exhaust outlets in chrome
  • Windscreen glass and acoustically laminated front doors
  • A steering wheel covered in leather
  • LED ambient lighting inside
  • In-trunk seat storage available on demand

Honda Pilot Elite for 2023: Rain-sensing wipers

  • Digital instrumentation display, 10.2″
  • heated steering wheel with leather covering
  • 4-inch LED door trim lights with a head-up display
  • Back seats with heat

How safe is the Honda pilot?

Honda has adopted a holistic strategy for car safety performance that aims to deliver top-tier passenger safety inside all of its cars & trucks—regardless of capacity or price—to offer enhanced security for its vehicle occupants. The following features are included as standard equipment with every Pilot model to aid with safety performance: 

Engineers at The Pilot created the vehicle with an exceptionally high safety standard in mind.

The following features are included as standard equipment with every Pilot model to aid with safety performance:

  • Prevention of Collisions System of braking
  • System to Prevent Road Departures 
  • Warning for Imminent Collision 
  • Warning for lane departure
  • Advanced Engineering for Compatibility
  • Sophisticated front airbags 
  • Airbags for the driver and front passenger’s knees

The New Pilot Should You Purchase?

The redesigned Pilot’s interior space, technology, adaptability, and ride will impress current Honda owners. It is a better SUV than previously, and while not as outstanding, the Honda Pilot is still a strong contender in the market.

The Pilot is a standout choice for families searching for a flexible and roomy vehicle thanks to its redesigned design and powertrain.

An Overview

The first newer-generation Pilot to appear since the influx of new competitors, the updated 2023 Honda Pilot expands on the great bundle of safety technology, affordability, adaptability, and interior space offered by its predecessor.

When the third generation of the Honda Pilot debuted in 2016, it quickly gained popularity as a three-row crossover SUV thanks to its high ride and seat comfort, stylish interior, and practical storage places.

Honda increased the wheelbase and total length to create more significant passenger space, especially in the third and second rows, so that adults and large kid safety seats could sit there comfortably.

The Pilot has a new exterior and interior style, making it appear more angular and contemporary. And in an attempt to liven up what was already very competent. The 2023 Pilot is a good option as a three-row crossover SUV.

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