Antigravity Battery
What is Antigravity Battery

What Is An Antigravity Battery?

Antigravity Battery is the most recent Nano Phosphorus Lithium Powersports battery technology advancement. All 12v cars used for these batteries perform flawlessly well.

The batteries in racing cars are the tiniest, lightest, and most potent. In certain circumstances, they can deliver 3x more energy in a storm the same size as a lead/acid and more than double the cranking amps. All of this while providing a weight reduction of up to 80% is impressive, isn’t it?

If there aren’t any parasitic drains, they may be put in any direction—even upside down—neither require maintenance nor trickle charging, have a longer lifespan than lead acid batteries, and are non-toxic.

How are antigravity batteries powered?

Magnetic and inertial batteries are the two primary varieties of antigravity batteries. Objects are drawn towards magnetic antigravity batteries by a powerful electrical current. With far higher force, this operates similarly to magnets. A fast-spinning disc produces the energy that draws items to inertial antigravity batteries.

Space travel, medical equipment, and airplanes are just a few uses for both batteries. Vehicles and spacecraft can be propelled off the ground using magnetic antigenicity rather than petrol or oil engines.

Contrarily, inertial technology is employed in several military applications, including fighter planes and missiles, enabling them to remain in the air for extended periods without requiring fuel or maintenance.

Advantages of antigravity batteries


Antigravity Battery is the most potent battery currently available in the lowest, lightest compact. The Antigravity Battery typically measures ½ to ⅔ the size of a lead-acid battery but produces twice as many cranking amps. Additionally, it is much more potent than the other lithium batteries available.

A Quicker Start:

The battery offers high power, allowing the motor to speed quickly. The voltage provides a lavish stay compared to the lead/acids with a shorter stay. In addition, the ignition spark is better, and it offers a quick start to the engine. 

It is crucial to remember that it is not damaged, either by heat or vibration. One of the reasons lead/acid batteries fail early is that lead batteries are harmed by vibration and heat.

The effect is more substantial if you ride a sportbike or a high-vibrating vehicle like a massive twin. Pulse has no impact on antigravity batteries. 

 Issues with Antigravity Batteries

The creation of an antigravity battery for automobiles and motorcycles is challenging. The most significant is that building a functional prototype that endures enough time to be valid requires much effort. 

A battery would have to be strong enough to enable motorbikes and automobiles to go without energy consumption, which is another problem. It would need a significantly bigger capacity than the batteries already on the market, which is uncertain to happen soon. 

Employing an antigravity battery in automobiles and motorcycles raises significant safety problems.

How do we address the problem with the antigravity battery?

The in-depth topic of the antigravity battery involves the creation of technology that enables people to fly without utilizing conventional engines. Experts have attempted to resolve this issue for years but failed.

Experts are still thoroughly examining the potential solutions to the antigravity battery issue. The topic of antigravity batteries is complicated and requires a variety of research methods; thus, there is no one solution.

However, the following are a few alternatives:

Development of alternative batteries

One of the best ways to fight this existing issue is to create batteries that have more energy capacities. In addition, lithium-ion and other ion-based batteries that can store more power may also be made with advanced research.

However, there are still many issues to be addressed before this technology is given a start because it remains in its early phases.

Venturing into Innovative Technologies

At this stage, relying on more conventional energy production methods such as oil drilling and natural gas fracking is essential until novel technologies emerge to harness the power of space-based particles. It is a must to invest in them heavily If we want these successful and efficient approaches to be widely used globally.

Improving electro-gravimetric generator efficiency

Creating more effective electro-gravimetric generators (EGGs) is another approach to the antigravity battery issue. Instead of using more traditional energy sources like fossil fuels or nuclear fusion, these devices would collect energy from space particles.

Even if we use this technology, it will still be necessary to access enormous volumes of energy from renewable sources to make them efficient enough to be used widely.

Therefore, it may continue to rely on more conventional energy production techniques up to that point, such as drilling for oil & natural gas fracking.


Antigravity Batteries is the most current Nano Phosphorus Lithium Powersports battery technology innovation. These batteries work wonderfully well with all 12v automobiles. In conclusion, you must get professional help if your antigravity batteries break. Understanding the issue and potential solutions can help you progress this elusive technology.

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