Trailhawk vs. Trackhawk
Trailhawk vs. Trackhawk

Trailhawk vs. Trackhawk- Everything you wanted to know

The Trailhawk is a special edition designed for the trails, as its name may imply. On the contrary, the Trackhawk is a high-performance SUV that can compete with sports cars. Let’s look more closely.

This article will briefly discuss Trailhawk vs. trackhawk and the differences between the trailhawk and the trackhawk. Based on these differences, you can decide which Jeep you should buy.

What is so special about the Trailhawk?

Trailhawk vs. trackhawk

The Majestic Cherokee, Renegade, and Compass are all unique edition models of the Jeep that go by Trailhawk. All Trailhawk versions come equipped with 4WD and improved off-road technology. A few extraordinary characteristics make this Jeep exceptional, including the Selec-Terrain Management for better traction, Steep Descent Control, Skid Plates, and a Special 4WD System tougher than average in the Regular Jeep Models are Specific Features of the Trailhawk Models.

Although each model bearing the Trailhawk name has a few unique characteristics, the models primarily determine the distinctions. For instance, the Cherokee & Grand Cherokee are moderate to large SUVs, but the Compass & Renegade are tiny SUVs. The Grand Cherokee has the most interior space and the most engine options.

What exactly is a Jeep Trackhawk?

Trailhawk vs. trackhawk

One may refer to the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk as the ultimate performance SUV. It has the space and comfort of a big SUV, along with the quickness and maneuverability of a sports car. The 6.2-liter turbocharged V8 in the Trackhawk produces a healthy 707 power and 645 lb of torque.

It can pull up to 7,200 lb and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Few vehicles can match the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk’s sheer speed and acceleration.

Trailhawk vs. trackhawk comparison

On both Jeeps, you receive a nearly identical feature. What are the distinctions, though? We will now talk about the Jeeps’ similarities and differences.


The Trailhawk 2021 variant has a 3.6 L V6 cylinder engine. You might improve it to a 5.7 L V8 Engine with additional funds. The Trailhawk has a maximum speed of 137 mph. Jeep Trackhawk’s 6.2 L V8 gasoline engine produces 707 hp and 645 lb-ft of torque. The enormous power produces a staggering peak velocity of 180 mph. In addition, it takes just 3.5 seconds to accelerate the elevated SUV from a complete stop to 60 mph.

Exterior Features

Both Jeeps come with 6-piston Brembo brake front brake calipers. Brembo brakes feature excellent cutting power, a must while driving off-road. But once more, the four-wheel drive offers more control. There is a slight variation between Trailhawk & Trackhawk in terms of off-road characteristics. The Trailhawks have a superior suspension.

Wider tires and lowered suspensions are standard on Trackhawks. Additionally, both Jeeps have a lot of storage space, making for the most comfortable journey possible.

Fuel efficiency

Do you desire improved mileage? The Trailhawk would be the best option since it gets around 21 MPG combined, roughly 8 MPG better than the Trackhawks. This implies that the Trackhawks will only get 13 MPG. Additionally, the Trackhawk gets 11 MPG in the city, while the Trailhawk gets 18 MPG. On a motorway, Trackhawk achieves 17 MPG while the other achieves 25 MPG. So, the Trailhawk is more economical.


Knowing about the tires is essential as it tells you the wheel strength you need to expect from these two jeeps. The wheel diameters of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk are larger. In Trailhawks, the wheel is 18×8 inches for both the front and back wheels. Trackhawk wheels, on the other hand, are 20X10 inches in size.

Trackhawk wheels are 2 inches larger in both dimensions than Trailhawk wheels. Both of them come with solid safety measures. Trackhawk wheels also have somewhat higher quality.

Towing Capacity

Max. Towing Power

You may make a simple guess. Whose towing capability do you anticipate being higher? The more your car can tow, the more engine power it has.

You guessed correctly. The Trackhawk can pull up to 7200 lbs. However, Trailhawks can pull 6200 pounds.

Features of Technology

The Trailhawk and Trackhawk models of Jeep Grand Cherokee come standard with the Uconnect 4C NAV. An 8.4-inch-wide touchscreen is part of the infotainment console inside the dashboard. It is simple to examine 3D maps and other visuals on the monitor thanks to a pinch-to-zoom feature.

You can reach the gateways for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with only a few touches. Both Jeep SUVs are equipped with a nine-speaker Alpine audio system. You may upgrade the Trackhawk’s audio system to include the 19 speakers from Harman Kardon. This add-on audio system has an 825-watt amplifier and a subwoofer.


Compared to Trailhawks, Trackhawks are heavier. The reason Trailhawks perform better off-trail is this extra weight.

The Trailhawk’s curb weight at the factory is five thousand four pounds. Trackhawks is roughly 300 pounds heavier, as expected. The curb weight of a Trackhawk is 5356 pounds at the base.


The 2021 model of Trackhawk costs $88,365, with Trailhawk starting at $47,350. When you contrast the two Jeeps, the pricing could appear unjust. On the contrary hand, they are nearly similar and have many of the same qualities. Where are you putting all of this money, then? In any case, Trackhawks are the most unique, powerful vehicles.

The brakes and tires have somewhat improved. You will also receive an updated power system. Because of this, Trackhawks are approximately twice as expensive as Trailhawks.

Trailhawk vs. trackhawk: Which One Should You Pick?

It should be simple to decide between both the Jeep Trackhawk & Jeep Trailhawk. If you want a high-performance SUV like the Trackhawk, which is only offered with Grand Cherokee, you won’t be content with anything less. Only a few alternatives exist that can rival the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk in addition to the preceding. The Trackhawk is not only quick. It also has considerable towing capacity and 4WD systems for off-roading excursions.

The Trailhawk is an excellent option if you’re seeking an SUV with a sense of adventure. Which Trailhawk version you select mainly relies on the amount of space you want and whether you must also be able to tow. For individuals who work throughout the week in a city and hike in the evenings, the Compass & Renegade are excellent options. With these small SUVs, you can obtain excellent handling and fuel efficiency, but the Grand Cherokee & Cherokee models have more space and towing capacity.

Jeeps with lots of exciting features include Trailhawk and Trackhawk. Additionally, the Trailhawks offer nearly all of the features of Trackhawks without the added cost. So, you can choose the less expensive choice. What if you have enough money for both of them, though?

Which one ought you to pick?

The Trailhawk should be chosen by those who frequently travel off-road since it has more robust suspension, thinner tires, and more mileage.

However, if you go more by road, you ought to get the Trackhawks. It’s because you’ll have bigger tires and the fastest speed possible. Furthermore, the low mileage figure will help you on the roads.

Trailhawk vs. trackhawk: Final Remarks

By this point, you should be aware of the differences between the Jeep Trailhawk and Trackhawk. Let’s find out what the users believe. Which do you consider to be the best? Some clients claimed they favor Trailhawks. They base their judgment on the Jeep’s affordability. You have a 7200-pound towing capability, which is a bonus! A peak speed of 130+ MPH is also sufficient for most of them.

After reading the features and the differences between these two jeeps, you understand which Jeep you prefer. 

Look more closely if you plan to purchase a Jeep. However, some buyers believe that a Trackhawk is a wiser purchase. They are not interested in financial gain but rather in the finest Trackhawk performance. So you’ll be able to choose the one that best suits you.

However, you must ensure your finances are in place, and the required Jeep fulfills your requirements and functions simultaneously. Once you decide on this, go forward and make your booking. Your Jeep will be ready to buy depending on the location and the model.