Can You Fit A Lifted Truck In A Carwash
Can You Fit A Lifted Truck In A Carwash

Can You Fit A Lifted Truck In A Carwash?

Keeping your bikes and cars looking new and clean is not just satisfying but also helps to increase the lifespan of the vehicle. Cars and bikes can last longer if maintained properly. There are numerous trucks, bikes, cars, and SUVs on the street that needs to be treated right. Taking care of the routine maintenance services of these vehicles includes tire rotation, wheel balancing, oil and filter changes, engine service, and brake pad replacement. But along with these maintenance services, washing and polishing the vehicles is also a must.  

There is also no doubt that bike and car wash services render the best professional wash for vehicles. They clean the bikes according to the CC in a bike and may at the same time even take care of a tesla truck. Many automatic drive-through car washes also come in handy if you are short of time.

How often should my vehicle be washed?

Sometimes the vehicle gives you the sign that it needs a wash. If you see mud and dirt all over, then it is a sign to go straight to a car wash. But waiting till the vehicle is dirty may reduce the efficiency and life of the car or truck. It is better to check the service book that mentions the miles or time duration after which service and wash are needed. Generally, washing your car once every two weeks is a good baseline. An under-body wash may not be done every time if the water in the area is hard. The metal underside may loosen up and may react to become corrosive.

How safe is an automatic car wash?

You get your car or truck washed to remove debris, dirt, and other materials that may harm the vehicle. If not washed, these elements can lead to rust or corrosion and damage the paint. A good car wash service will use specialized products to clean your vehicle.

The dirt may cause scratches on the clear coat of the vehicle. Mud can even attract moisture that leads to rusting of the metal. Bird droppings and acid rain can damage the paint if not removed on time. Thus, getting the vehicle washed regularly is better and avoids deterioration. Professional hand-washing of the vehicle may not be possible owing to the constraint of time. So, an automatic car wash can be a great alternative to keep your car rust-free and clean on a regular basis.

Lifted truck in a carwash:

As we all know, trucks too need to be washed as frequently as possible. The most convenient way to get a lifted truck washed is to use a car wash. The car washes often offer lucrative memberships where you can get any CC bike, car, and even a tesla truck washed multiple times a month at an affordable price. In addition, car washes make the process effortless and super quick. The only issue is that if your truck is lifted, then it might not fit in a car wash.

Lifted truck in a carwash

How big the lifted truck sits?

Whether the lifted truck can fit in a normal car wash depends on how high the truck sits. Generally, car washes support vehicles up to 7 feet in height. This implies that if the truck has a 4-inch lift and around 32-inch tires, then it will fit the car wash without any problem. The other important factor to be considered is the width of the machine. Many automatic car washes can wash trucks of up to 75 inches in width. You may need to fold in the mirrors before letting them start the wash. If your truck wheels have a negative offset, then it may end up being wider than the wash area, which might lead to trouble.

Car wash for bigger trucks:

If your lifted truck does not fit into a common car wash, then you need to find one that supports bigger trucks. Some cities have a lot of car washes that support such bigger vehicles. These car washes are specifically designed for bigger trucks.

The automatic car washes:

There are two types of automatic car washes that function in any area. One is the touchless car wash that sprays water mixed with chemicals using the pressure technique, and the other is a tunnel wash that has brushes installed to do the task. The touchless wash is better for the paints of the pickup trucks. Some people also go for the tunnel-type car wash and do not face any problems. The results depend on the color of the truck and the quality of the wash. Tesla also warns you to take the trucks to a tunnel-type automated car wash that uses bristles to clean the truck. However, a drive-through, touch-less car wash can be a good alternative. 


You may not always find a car wash that can fit in your lifted truck, or you may not find the time to take the car for a wash. Here you may opt for self-serve washing. Though it may not be as easy and effortless as an automatic car wash, the results will be highly satisfying. You can clean the particular spots and ensure that no dirt is left behind. Taking care of your vehicles is very important during winters to prevent rusting if you live in areas where sand and salt are used on the road.


Most trucks, cars, vans, SUVs, and bikes up to 84 inches in height and having about 4 inches of ground clearance level can easily be washed in an automatic car wash. The car wash has pre-installed equipment that does not cause any damage to the vehicle. If a bed is emptied, lifted trucks can also go through an automatic car wash. The large side mirrors may need to be folded before going in for the wash. The same goes for trucks with lifted suspensions and oversized tires. Almost every vehicle can be washed regularly in a car wash and be kept clean. So go for the wash and enjoy your ride!

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