devel sixteen
devel sixteen

Devel Sixteen: The Ultimate 5000 HorsePower Supercar

Speed has always fascinated humans. The quest for attaining extreme speeds has led to the invention of some insane and powerful speed machines. The result of such a thirst for speed and power is Devel Sixteen. Devel motors, its creators say that it is a “Legend in the history of supercars.” One of the most powerful and dominant supercars ever made in human history, this car is already breaking all the speed records. With 5000 horsepower, the Devel 16 is indeed pure unadulterated devil power. It gives you a feeling of a fighter jet. Its founders say that it has the power of 10 supercars combined. Let’s find out.

Origin and concept

The Dubai-based company Devel Motors are the creator and brain behind Devel Sixteen. It is a 5000 horsepower speed devil launched in 2017 at the Dubai International show. With this out-of-the-world invention, they gave rise to a new era of supercars.

The idea of the car began to form in 2006, and by 2008 they were into Research and development. The company presented the first prototype of this alien car in 2013 at Dubai international motor show. Since then, fans and speed enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the launch of the Devil on wheels. Unfortunately, not much information is available about the developers of this car from the future; only one name of the co-founder cum developer Majid Al Attar is known.

devel sixteen image courtesy CNN
courtesy CNN/DWTC

What powers the Devel Sixteen – Engine and technology specifications?

The engine of devel sixteen was developed and designed by the legendary Steve Morris engines. Fitted with a massive 12.3 liter 80 mm quad-turbo V-16 petrol engine, this monster is equivalent to two Chevrolet V8s. The quad turbocharger and horsepower of more than 5000 give it 6600 rpm and 3757 lb-ft torque levels, making it a supercar killer. The Devel sixteen would be the numero uno in the world’s top 10 most powerful and fastest supercars category.

Steve Morris engines have created a marvel

The Steve Morris engines have carved out this devil from the depths of hell with the engine; camshaft and crankshaft are made from one-piece high strength stainless steel cum aluminum block. Then have two valves per cylinder and whooping 16 titanium high-performance pistons. They have made an engineering marvel that triples the power generated by supercar giants like Bugatti Chiron.

Chassis of Devel Sixteen:

The chassis of the Devel sixteen is made of high strength but super lightweight carbon fiber body. It gives the car an edge to tackle the high speeds it achieves. The Devel motors have done immense R&D on the aerodynamics of the car to give a concept car beyond any human imagination. Their dedication to developing an unparalleled powerful concept car prompted them to push their boundaries, which helped them develop a car that changed the course of supercars forever.

The whole car weighs 2300 kg only, which helps it get super-fast acceleration. The ratio between the power to weight for Deveel Sixteen is 1623.36 W per kg, which is outstanding.

Interior of Devel Sixteen:

The interior of the Devel Sixteen is in the development stage yet it gives a futuristic and appalling look. We get a glimpse of the interior when supercar Blondie drives it. It looks minimalistic yet futuristic and looks like the inside of a space car. There is plenty of space in the car, which is a two-seater. 

Devel Sixteen Interior

The Devel Sixteen variants:

To date, Devel Motors has developed three variants of this revolutionary car:

The First Variant:

Fitted with a V8 turbo engine the third variant of Devel Sixteen produces 2000 Horsepower.

The second variant:

With a V16 engine installed the second variant of Devel 16 can produce 3000 Horsepower.

The Third variant:

The third variant is the hero of this article and can give many supercars a run for their money. It can produce a never imagined Horsepower of 5000 with a V16 engine.

What is the price range of Devel sixteen?

The Devel studios have only limited sales of this concept car. The first variant costs around $1.6 million, the second variant around $1.8 million, and the showstopper, the third variant $2.2 million.

Who all are the proud owners of Devel Sixteen?

Since it’s a concept car and car under R&D, only a lucky few are lucky enough to own this hell’s ride. Notably, Drake and Snoop Dog are the ones who drive Devel Sixteen. In his music video, ‘I’m Upset Drake drives Devel Sixteen. The is visible at 1.59 of the video. Snoop Dog also posted the car in his Instagram post with the caption “my Xmas gift to me.”

Drake drives Devel Sixteen- at 1.59 in the video

Top Speed and Acceleration of devel sixteen:

With 5000 horsepower, the devel sixteen raises every bar of expectation on speed and acceleration, and it does not disappoint. The top speed claimed by the makers of this fighter jet-inspired car “hold your breath” is 560 kmh or 348 mph. It takes 1.8 seconds to reach from 0-100 kmh or 0-60 mph. It would easily beat any other present supercar into submission. The claimed speed levels make Devel Sixteen the most powerful and Fastest Car in the Universe.

Here is a detailed table of Devel Sixteen Spcifications:

manufacturerDevel Motors Dubai
Top Speed560 kmh or 348 mph
acceleration 0-100 kmh or 0-60 mph in 1.8 seconds
Engine81 mm Quad Turbo 12.3 Litre V16 engine
Fuel Type Petrol
torque3757 lb-ft
price $2.2 million
power3682 kW (5007 hp) @6,900rpm
Devel Sixteen information


Devil sixteen or Devil 16 as some say it is indeed the car of the future. It is so modern and advanced that it gives us the impression of an advanced alien car. It has created a uproar in the super car market, and opned the horizons which were thought to be impossible to achieve for humans at this time.

The team of Devel Motors are to be applauded for giving this world this speed Devil. The Devel sixteen has so much elated our expectation from the Devel Motors team that we are eagerly waiting for their next model Devel Sixty.

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