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Drag Race Concepts All You Need To Know About Drag Racing

Drag Race Concepts: All You Need To Know About Drag Racing

Drag racing is perfect for you if you love cars and want to see them reach their highest potential; it won’t disappoint you. If you have not heard the term or are unfamiliar with what this Drag Race Concepts mean. We would dissect the drag race concepts and explain what drag racing means, its origins and popular culture

Drag Race concepts: What is Drag Racing? 

A drag race is a competitive event or motor racing where two cars or even bikes compete. The one who crosses the finish line first is the winner fair and simple. The distance is commonly 1320 feet or 402 meters. Nowadays, the shorter version of 1000 feet or 305 meters is becoming increasingly popular among the drag race enthusiasts of Top fuel dragsters and funny cars. 

History and origins of drag race

The origins of drag racing date back to the 1940s. The first known drag races were held in airbases that were decommissioned. Here the word war II veterans used the landing strips to do the drag race. The national hot rod association (NHRA) was formed in 1951 by wally parks. Initially, the drag race drivers used nitromethane for races, but it was banned in 1957 by NHRA, citing it as unsafe. The ban was only lifted in 1963 by C.J Hart. 

Some basic terms of drag racing

Burnout: Before the start of the race, the drag race drivers perform what is known as burnout. In this, the car is standstill while tires spin. It helps lay the rubber down for the car and improves traction. 

Drag Burnout

Water box: cars through burnout run through a flammable traction compound, which causes flammable, dangerous, but spectacular burnouts. After 1970 the NHRA started using water boxes for the car to pass through to reduce the hazards. 

Christmas tree: It is an electronic system used to start a drag race. It consists of a set of colored lights for each driver’s lane. There are two line beam sensors also for each driver’s starting lane. There are four sets of colored lines which form the Christmas tree. 

  • Blue light (one split into half) 
  • Amber light (three)
  • Green (one)
  • Red (one)

The three stages of the drag race based on light are as follows


When the participating car’s front tire breaks the first amber light beam of light, the cars are said to be pre-staged. The distance is approx 7 inches from the race starting line. Finally, the Christmas tree is lit with a pre-staged indicator.


When the car’s tires break the second beam of amber light, the participating cars are said to be in the staged stage. The Christmas tree now has the stage indicator on. 

The full Christmas tree or sportsman’s tree

The full Christmas tree sequence gives the driver a countdown of the race. In this, the three amber lights blink in fast sequence. After this indication, the green light is lit, which means a ‘go’ sign to the drivers. 

In drag racing, the reaction time of the driver is vital. It decides the winner of the race. Sometimes, a’ pro-tree’ is lit to test the driver’s skills and ability or make the race exciting and difficult. Then, the amber light is lit together, followed by the green, making it tougher for the driver to react. 

The red light stops the race if the driver started too early or has broken some rule. 

Classes or types of drag races

Drag race is a popular racing event in the US and worldwide. Based on parameters like engine size, weight, body style, modifications, and hundreds of drag racing classes are present. The NHRA officially includes five pro classes, and these are: 

  1. Top Fuel
  2. Pro-stock
  3. Funny car
  4. Pro modified
  5. Pro stock motorcycle

Drag racing by drag race videos

The Top Fuel

Top fuel or top fuel dragsters are considered the fastest moving vehicles on the entire planet. These drag cars can attain a top speed of 330 mph or 530 kmh. The top fuel dragsters are so fast that they cover the drag strip in less than 3.7 seconds, which is spectacular. The fuel used to power these speed monsters is methanol mixed with nitromethane (90%). 

The Funny Car

These are also known as floppers. They are similar to the top fuel but have a relatively smaller wheelbase. Fitted with a carbon fiber body, they can almost be confused with a production-based automobile. The floppers can achieve a top speed of 315 mph or 507 kmh. In addition, they can cross the drag track in less than 4 seconds. 

Pro Stock

Pro stocks are also known as factory hot rods. So the name is given due to their similarity in appearance to production-based cars. These drag cars’ top speed can reach up to 210 mph or 340 kmh. They can cover a quarter of a mile in less than 6.4 seconds, attain an average level of insane 10,500 and have 1300 HP. 

Pro Modified

Also known as Top Door slammers are very high-power cars. These cars run on turbochargers, superchargers, and nitrous oxide. The Drag cars which run blowers have a limitation of 527 cubic inches. The nitrous used cars can run up to 740 cubic inches. 

Pro Stock Motorcycle

These drag cars are highly modified. The tops speed for these class cars is about 195 mph or 313 kmh. It takes around 6.8 seconds for these modified vehicles to cross the drag track. These cars are replicas of the original cars. However, they have a tube chassis and are aerodynamically enhanced and lightweight. 

Besides these five classes of drag race, there are various other classes.

Some of the popular ones are competition eliminator, Top Alcohol Dragster, Top Alcohol funny car, outlaw series, Pro FWD, Sport front-wheel drive, Stick Shift, Super comp/Quick rod, Super gas/Super road, Superstock, Stock, Sports compact, Top Dragster, Top Dragster, Top fuel funny bike, Top Sportsman, Summit racing, Top fuel funny bike, Junior dragster, JR Comp and many other. 

You can find a list of all the classes on the official website of NHRA and IHRA. In addition, you can watch these races on various social media platforms like youtube, on many sports or automobile channels, or download the drag race Espana rarbg torrent or Canadas drag race s02e09 torrent to watch prerecorded drag race events. 


Drag races are truly one of the most thrilling racing events in car racing. It is a very popular event enjoyed by millions of fans. Now that you know the Drag Race Concepts, you can enjoy it even more. 

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